Progress of the State - Quadriga

D.C. French and Edward Hopper created the Progress of the State, known better as Quadriga. This sculpture is located on the roof of the Minnesota capital in St. Paul Minnesota.

It is dated back to circa 1912 and is composed of 23 karat gold leaf gilded copper.

This project is both complicated and made more interesting by the regular visits of guided tours to the Minnesota capital roof.

It involved an investigative treatment to repair the corrosion damage that had surfaced since the last conservation treatment in 1995. The Jensen team started with test panels using different primers and top coats, then proceeded to regild the sculpture one section at at time. Their goal is to stabilize the entire composition by scheduling annual maintenance care.

View from Behind Sculpture

See a closeup of this sculpture

View of Capital
with Quadriga on roof

Closer view
of Minnesota Capital

During Treatment

After Treatment

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